Johnson jumps into summer plans

As the school year is coming to a close, sophomore Quinn Johnson is already preparing himself for the next school year. Many times, junior varsity sports are overlooked, but Johnson has positioned himself close to the number one player on the golf team. He has worked tirelessly to excel in his performance in order to be good enough for the varsity league next school year.

He has decided to work every day over the summer and even into his junior year to help himself improve.

“Playing golf every day will help me improve my skills to the best of my ability and to help me be more consistent during each match,” Johnson said.

Coach Douglas Bradford agrees that with a lot of practice, one can exceed in your skills.

“I think if [Johnson] puts in as much effort to practicing as he did to this past season, there is definitely potential to become a varsity player,” Bradford said.

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By: Brinli Leonhardt

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Brinli Leonhardt

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