9.3 English students plan for choice book project

As English classes have begun to wind down with final lessons, the 9.3 English class still has one project in store: the Choice Book Project.

“We have to create 20 slides in our PowerPoint and each one will have a pic symbolizing and important event in the book with a caption,” freshman Rebecca Haines said. “We will go through all 20 relatively quickly as music plays so the class has a preview of what the book is about.”

The project will be counted as a final exam for students, and will be presented Thursday or Friday of next week. A new feature of the project this year will include a movie trailer.

“We are just starting the project, but my favorite part will probably be creating a movie trailer for the book,” Haines said.

Haines hopes to learn a lot from this project; not only about her book, but artistic and character development that is often not explored in English classes.

“I read Russian Roulette, and I had hoped to learn the life story of Yassen and how he became what he did,” Haines said.

By Anna Mylvaganam

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Anna Mylvaganam

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