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Seniors Jeffrey Searle and Brigham Ostergaard have been preparing for years to serve a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They submit their names, medical information, and personal information to the head of the church where they are evaluated and assigned to serve anywhere in the world. When they receive their assignment, not only do they serve the people around them but they share the message that their church has to offer.

“It took a while to get all of my information together and there were a couple complications,” Ostergaard said. “But I figured it out and could not be more excited about my assignment.”

Coincidently, both were called to serve in different parts of Brazil.

“It will be a huge adjustment,” Ostergaard said. “I have been in Spanish for a couple years which should help transition into Portuguese. Despite the challenges I know are bound to happen, I am looking forward to the challenge. My religion has greatly influenced my life for good and I hope to influence others also.”

Not only will these boys need to learn a completely different language, but they will need to follow certain guidelines to make sure they are focused on the task they were sent there to do. They will be able to email their families and friends once a week to share all the experiences they have had.

For more information on their church’s missions click here

By: Brinli Leonhardt

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Brinli Leonhardt

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