The Price is right for this DHS production

DHS is full of students that try new things and improve on talents they have been given. Sophomore Ben Price is one of them. Price has had an acting career since second grade when he was in a production at Jefferson Middle School. Since then he has participated in approximately six or seven Midland Center for the Arts (MCFTA) productions.

However, this year he is changing things up and participating as a lead in the DHS spring musical. Despite the difference in professional production versus a high school production, Price is looking forward to the change.

“I am just looking forward to being with my friends,” Price said. “It’s actually a great opportunity because its always good to put on a show and expose people to the arts and just show them what talent we have at Dow.”

Even with the differences between the programs, like budget, skill level, and professionalism, there are certain things one has to do in order to prepare for a lead role that Price had to take into account.

“Basically, [you have to] research until you understand two important components:  which character I would most prefer to portray, and which character I am most likely to be appropriate for, think typecasting,” choreographer and actor Gina Kearly said.

After much preparation and adjustment, the new experience will be both exciting and demanding and Price is up to the challenge.

For more information on MCFTA productions, click here

By Brinli Leonhardt

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Brinli Leonhardt

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