Schihl balances school and work by saving lives

High school is a balancing act. Waking up with only eight hours of sleep if lucky, seven more hours of school, three hours for a sport, four hours of homework, the occasional social activity with friends, finding a job and having the time to do it, even on the weekend is difficult. Despite these obstacles, senior Oliver Schihl is still able to make it all work out.

Schihl works for the Midland Community Center as a lifeguard in the aquatics department. He heard about this job from a friend who worked there before, and he recommended it to Schihl because it has a really good working environment.

“The regulars that come in, they always come talk to (me),” Schihl said. “It’s really cool. We got an old guy named Larry who comes in every day and swims like two miles every single day, he’s just a really cool guy with lots of stories to tell. The regulars make this place awesome.”

During the school year, Schihl works on the weekends because it fits in with his schedule, but he works full time in the summer.

Schihl doesn’t necessarily have plans to be a lifeguard in the future though.

“I plan on becoming a mechanical engineer, so this is really just a high school job for me,” Schihl said.

If interested in applying for a job at the Midland Community Center or interested in find more about what they have to offer, click here, or call (989) 832-7937.

By Lance Johnson

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