Quick tips on tanning

There’s so many tough struggles people go through to get a tan, fake or real. Here are some quick tips to make tans last long, and to protect the skin when lying in the sun.

Sun Blocks

Many students decide to go somewhere for spring break, and when they tan they need to protect their skin. Allure.com reviewed nine different sun blocks to help protect the skin from getting sunburnt, and these were the top two.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios has a SPF of 30. This is a fragrance-free sunblock and works best with oily and sensitive skin. It also helps stop breakouts.

The next sun block is Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration face lotion and it has a SPF of 30. This sunscreen makes the skin luminous and dewy while protecting the skin. All of these sun blocks are under $30.

Self Tanners

Elle.com listed their top 14 favorite self-tanning products and these are their top two.

Number one is the Tarte Braziliance. This product is best for ladies with dry, or dull skin. It leaves the skin with a silky touch, and includes a tanning glove for a streak-free tan.

Number two is Clarins Instant Gel. This product is perfect for ladies who are always on the go, and have no time to tan before heading out. The product sets into the skin as the product is being applied, and it gives the face and body a healthy glow. All these products are under $50.

“I don’t use fake tanner, because it looks fake and it can rub off and your clothes and stuff and look bad,” freshman Alex Moore said.

Hopefully these quick tips, can help get the streak-free tan students are looking for.

By: Kirsten Miller

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