Madness at Dow High

For many sports fans, March is the most exciting time of the year. Every year the men’s Division I collegiate basketball tournament takes place, and sports fans from all over the world participate in a challenge that requires one to try and predict all 67 games correctly. With over 9.2 quintillion possible outcomes it is nearly impossible to predict them all.

At DHS most students participate in these bracket challenges with their friends and even some teachers offer extra credit for the best bracket in the class. Students will download apps on to their smart phones so they can root for their team straight from class, thus causing some teachers to get a little irritated.

“March Madness is by far the best time of the year, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it,” junior point guard Justin Cook said.

In this year’s tournament, the University of Kentucky is going to be heavily favored to win it all. The Wildcats haven’t lost since last year’s national championship game and are 31-0 on the season. However, it is not very often that the tournaments’ number one overall seed wins it all. March 17 commences the tournament and DHS will join the rest of the nation in one of the best times of the year known as March Madness.

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