Math department puts the “fun” in competitions

Not everyone can find enjoyment in taking part in math competitions. The idea of studying for and taking math tests is enough to drive people to learn how to paint or play an instrument just to distance themselves. Especially tests that don’t affect their overall school grade.

However, there is one man who believes these competitions to be more thrilling than playing with doodads in the physics lab with science teacher Tom McNamara. That man is Sean Murray. He is one of the math teachers in charge of running these competitions. These tests are a way for students to test their knowledge and to learn more, but, most of all, have fun. There are roughly four annual competitions. Preparing for these can prove to be worth it.

“I’ve competed before,” senior Matt Flanagan said. “Honestly, I learned from it, plus I was able to score some brownie points with my math teacher.”

Flanagan has taken part in numerous math competitions over his four years at DHS. These semi-annual tests have been proven to helpĀ students learn test-taking skills as well as complex math assignments, all in a tolerable environment provided by the math teachers of DHS.

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One thought on “Math department puts the “fun” in competitions

  1. Johnny Wilson March 18, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    There’s no “fun” in competitions


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