Co-Op helps balance jobs with schoolwork

Along with sports, schoolwork, and social life, high school students attempt to work jobs into their busy schedule. However, some students decide to work during part of the school day, and go to school for only three hours. These students participate in Co-Op, working throughout the day while still attending school. Senior Karissa LaRue Co-Ops at Dow Gardens for the first three and a half hours of her day.

“It’s nice [to Co-Op] because you get to spend half of your day at a job gaining work life experience and you still get to have a school life,” LaRue said. “It’s made school less stressful for me because you don’t get that much homework since you have barely any classes, and you get paid so it benefits you.”

If interested in Co-Oping senior year, contact Jonathan Cook to see what requirements are needed.

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