Super Sloth takes the stage at Journeys

Nick Wright takes over the lead vocals and rhythm guitar at Super Sloth’s performance. Photo courtesy of Erica Shirk.

Journeys welcomed some fresh faces and a new sound to the local coffee shop last Thursday night. Super Sloth, a newly-formed rock band consisting of four local freshman college students, performed an entertaining set that showcased their diverse sounds, from slow and enchanting alternative rock ballads to heavier rock tunes highlighting fuzz bass and wah guitar.

“Their style was very interesting and I don’t own a lot of those types of songs or listen to that type of music, so it was a nice change,” junior Danielle Auger said.

Auger and her friends frequent Journeys often, either to hang out or to listen to the variety of bands that perform there.

“Something that stuck out to me was their fashion,” Auger said. “They had such very interesting designed shirts and I think it added to the overall character of the band. I could tell they loved to play music and enjoyed performing.”

In addition to their uncommon yet tasteful fashion sense, Super Sloth stands out with their multi-talented singers and instrumentalists. Elliott Miller and Nick Wright both play drums, guitar, and sing, and the two often take turns fronting the band. Bassist Ethan Brown brings a shining light upon the often-forgotten instrument with his vast array of effects pedals, creating a very unique bass sound. Guitarist Jimmy Bergmooser ties the group together with his improvised, lyrical-sounding guitar solos weaving in and out of the mix.

The band’s next performance will take place Friday, March 13, at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library’s Teen Band Night with some other local bands and musicians. Visit Super Sloth’s Facebook page here for more information.

By Jasmine Purtell

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Jasmine Purtell

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