Teachers give exam advice

According to science students there is a lull in most science classes at DHS. When prompted with the question “what’s going on in your science class?” the only answers received were either exam review or a boring lab.

So, instead, several teachers were asked what their exam advice for science students is. If a student is browsing this website during exam week, at least they can get some useful advice from science teacher Coreen Daniels.

“My best tip is to go through objectives,” Daniels said. “Most teachers will give you the objectives and to try and come up with what questions could be asked based on those objectives. Which ones would be best as multiple choice? How could I ask a short answer question? How could this objective tie in or relate to another objective.”

This is advice that appears to be quite cohesive among the science department. She suggested it’s the best advice she can give when it comes to studying for exams. ​

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