Social Studies: Field Trip!

On Wednesday October 18, 2014 Mr. Shahin’s AP World History and IB Twentieth Century Topics students are taking a field trip to Ann Arbor Michigan. Parents have volunteered to take up to three or four kids in their car for this field trip that students are so eagerly waiting to go on.

“Field trips are something that we don’t really experience anymore,” senior Austin Wilford said. “It’s nice to take a day to go travel with fellow peers instead of being held up in a school with them.”

Besides visiting museums the students are given quite a long lunch to walk around Ann Arbor. With a plethora of different restaurants and stores to visit, the goal of the field trip isn’t to strictly do a boring day looking at artifacts. Mr. Shahin wants to give the kids an experience that they will enjoy and find interesting instead of feeling like another lecture.


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