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To wrap up 2014, the Update will be releasing its holiday issue on Dec. 19. Managing copy editor, junior Megan Pisarczyk, has personal goals she is currently working on to improve material on the Update website for DHS students.

“Right now I’m working on increasing content for the website and integrating social media into stories created specifically for the web,” Pisarczyk said.

Pisarczyk believes the next issue of the Update will apply to many students at DHS, as it will cover a variety of topics that will appeal to a wide range of interests. She is satisfied with the effort from everyone on staff to produce a high-quality issue for readers.

“I’m really proud of the upcoming issue of the Update,” Pisarczyk said. “Everybody put a lot of hard work into it and I think there are stories that the student body has been wanting to see for a while.”

In addition to its overall quality, Pisarczyk thinks the upcoming issue especially highlights the staff’s best strengths.

“Something that really stands out about this issue is how well we collaborated and worked as a team,” Pisarczyk said. “There was a lot of really great communication between Mary Noble [the editor in chief], all of the section editors, and the writers themselves.”

Be sure to read the next print issue of the Update, which will be distributed third hour on Friday, Dec. 19 after the assembly. Online stories written by everyone on staff can be found at https://update.midlandps.org


Junior Megan Pisarczyk uses headphones from the journalism room to type an interview for the story she is working on.

By Maggie Schaller

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