Continuing the CCL excitement with Sarah Redman

Junior Sarah Redman began CCL last year when junior Jack Yarosh gave a persuasive speech in their English class about how fun CCL basketball could be. Redman rounded up all of her friends and took to the basketball court, instead of her usual winter sport on the ice, figure skating.

“I love the team aspect of it, and the whole team gets to be such great friends,” Redman said. “Figure skating was a lot more individual.”

Though Redman isn’t the best on her team she works hard. During her last game she was able to score two points for her team. Redman finds CCL to be stress-reliever, with her busy schedule including Spanish Club, NHS, playing tennis, and playing the piano, she liked having the time to just play with her friends.

“We practice one hour a week on Thursday nights, and have one game a week,” Redman said. “We keep the time commitment pretty manageable.”

Overall, Redman just loves to shoot from hoops with her friends and becoming a more experienced player every practice. Though sometimes she isn’t always the MVP on court she is always having a good time.

“Once, I was truing to clock a guy’s path to the basket so he couldn’t catch the rebounding ball, and I ended up accidentally stepping on both his feet at once,” Redman said. “He said ‘she’s on me, I can’t jump!’ And I was like ‘oh sorry,’ as if that were a bad thing.”


Redman or her team nickname, “Sassafrass,” is playing a game in last years CCL basketball.


Redman making a pass for her team.

By Maddy Futter

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