DHS students get ready to support hockey team

The DHS hockey team started this year’s season with a win last week against Bay City’s Bay Area Thunder. Despite it being an away game, many DHS students decided to attend the game in order to support their fellow chargers.

“There was definitely a good amount of people in the student section, especially since it was an away game,” senior Ashley Elfawal said. “We were all cheering really loud, which I think helped the players since they knew we were there supporting them.”

Senior Jackson Storer agrees with this and believes having a strong student section helps the team play better.

“Having a big student section definitely helps motivate the team, and that’s something I never experienced in travel hockey,” Storer said. “It’s nice knowing that our school is out there supporting us during games.”

After the support the team received during their first game, it’s very likely that many DHS students will continue attending the games and cheering on the hockey team for the rest of the season.

By Natalia Paternina

To check the schedule for this season’s hockey season, click the link below:


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Natalia Paternina

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