DHS has the privilege of being home to many students from foreign countries and, for this reason, some take the opportunity to improve their first language through the language arts programs DHS has to offer. Senior Arturo Cuellar who was born in Mexico is currently in his second year of IB Spanish and even took an IB French course during his junior year.

“I wanted to take IB Spanish to become better at writing in Spanish,” Cuellar said.

As one can imagine, it was difficult for Cuellar to switch between three languages throughout each day.

“It was difficult at times especially to switch from English to French and I think in Spanish most of the time so it was hard sometimes,” Cuellar said.

Some may wonder why Cuellar would want to participate in both French and Spanish when only one language is required, but he had ties to both languages.

“I took two languages last year because I had been taking French for four years so I wanted to keep doing it and I started taking Spanish my sophomore year,” Cuellar said.

Although his first language is Spanish, the IB Spanish course was not as easy for Cuellar as some may think. It requirers a lot of thought.

“IB Spanish is like another English class for me,” Cuellar said.

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