Students stretch out at the Yoga Place

Many teenagers like to alleviate the stress of school by hanging out with friends, going out to parties, or perhaps instead vegetating on the couch with a bag of popcorn and a Netflix subscription. However, a group of students have found a new way to relax and also become more fit by frequenting the Yoga Place, located on Main Street in downtown Midland.

“I originally went because I’m in Yoga Club,” sophomore Annalise Wohlford said. “It did feel really good because it really stretches you out.”

The Yoga Club is a new addition to DHS this year. A variety of students from different grades are members of the club, and they regularly visit the Yoga Place together.

“[I went to the] candlelight yoga class where it was basically meant to help you relax,” Wohlford said. “It was very quiet and dark except for some candles, and there was the natural music in the background.”

In addition to the candlelight yoga session, the Yoga Place offers a variety of other classes suitable for anyone from beginners to yoga pros. The fundamental yoga class, for example, goes through basic yoga poses with a specific focus on alignment, while the Ashtanga yoga class offers a high-energy, challenging yoga workout for more advanced participants.

For more information about the Yoga Place, including class schedules and prices, visit their website at

By Jasmine Purtell

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Jasmine Purtell

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