Music students gear up for fruit sales

The annual fruit sales for DHS’ music program begins on Nov. 26. Students in band, orchestra, and choir classes are preparing for the fundraiser.

“We do it to raise money for music boosters and the money goes to buying new uniforms, instruments, and things that the band needs,” senior Stephanie Bloom said.

Last year, orchestra students used the money they raised from the fruit sale for a field trip to Muncie, Ind.

“It was a really cool field trip,” junior Emma Johnson said. “A lot of money went to that. We need money to repair the instruments as well. The instruments are a lot more fragile than band so we need more money to repair strings. They’re very temperature sensitive.”

Along with the motivation of incentives, music students are generally motivated to sell fruit due to sheer excitement.

“A lot of band people are enthusiastic about selling and the fruit’s really good so it’s easy to sell,” Bloom said.

by Maddie Davis

DHS Daily Announcements

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Maddie Davis

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