Students invited to the Youth to Youth Retreat

The Youth to Youth Retreat with local Catholic Church, Blessed Sacrament, is being planned to take place this coming May. Twice every month, students who previously attended the Y2Y retreat have gathered in order to plan a weekend for students in grades nine through 12.

“A lot of people rediscover and reconnect with their religious side,” sophomore Nicolas Pereira said.

Pereira is a member of the Liturgy and Prayer Vocation for the retreat. Every high school student is invited to come on this retreat in order to connect with religion better, no matter their denomination or even religion.

“You can get so much out of this retreat. you can make new friends, you can grow deeper in your faith, you can become stronger in your beliefs, and you learn that there’s always a Christian community there for you,” senior Karissa Larue said.

The exact plans for the weekend have not been revealed yet, but the many different vocations, including groups such as hospitality/help mail, liturgy and prayer, and advertisement, are currently working on the specific plans. However, it has been made known that the theme for the retreat is Break Every Chain and Be the Light.

All are encouraged to join other high school students, including those from DHS, on the Y2Y retreat weekend in May.

By Olivia Drlik

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