Julia Ahrns leads the Charger yearbook staff in creating a contemporary book

After submitting the first deadline of the year, senior editor in chief Julia Ahrns is leading the yearbook staff in hopes to win a Spartan award from the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA). The staff had a major change this year- yearbook is running as a class instead of as a club, as it did in the 2013-14 school year. The staff last year consisted solely of volunteers who dedicated their time outside of school to work on the yearbook. The current staff is larger and while it is full of mostly new people, they’re working hard to make the book the best it can be.

“I want to have left [DHS] winning two Spartans,” Ahrns said. “I’m lucky enough to have been the editor in chief for the first Spartan-winning book and I want to keep the streak going. My dad always said anyone can do something once, but it’s the replication and consistency that makes you successful.”

While former DHS yearbooks have had a generally traditional style, last year’s book, “DHS Defined” had a modern style and Ahrns is expanding on that trend this year.

“This year our theme, ‘Days, Hours, Seconds’ is giving us the freedom to try more modern designs,” Ahrns said. “We are really paying attention to detail, both in our coverage and our design.”

Even though a large amount of detail cannot currently be released about the book, Ahrns ensured it will be more contemporary and will have a different look from “DHS Defined.”

“For the first time ever we have a very cool color scheme,” Ahrns said. “It reminds me of the beach so I’m hoping it will give me relaxing vibes during stressful deadlines.”

Yearbooks can be ordered for $50 until November 26, when the price will be raised to $55. To purchase a yearbook, visit the Herff Jones yearbook order center:  https://www.yearbookordercenter.com/index.cfm/general/displayLanding?portal=true

By Maggie Schaller


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