Love your first job

Many students trying to get a first job go for anything available. Often this job is not something they enjoy, but this is not the case for senior Savanah Valdez. Valdez began working at the American Eagle store in the Midland Mall in the spring of last year, and remains enthusiastic about her work there.

One thing Valdez loves about working at American Eagle is the environment.

“I love the atmosphere there,” Valdez said. “It’s really fun and you get to be yourself.”

Valdez always found herself buying clothes from American Eagle, because they also made her feel like she could express herself. Valdez was inspired to see if this transferred to the work place, so she applied.

“American Eagle is the store I shop at most,” Valdez said. “It just made sense.”

The struggle of many employed students is the inability to manage their time. Valdez is able to tell her employer the exact hours she would like to work, allowing her to manage her schoolwork, extracurricular, and family time. Valdez works an average of 15 hours per week, which seems to fly by for her.

Overall, Valdez thinks she has been lucky to receive such a good first job. If you’re interested in joining the American Eagle family, apply here.

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