Student Government Organizes RSVP

Since the beginning of the year, DHS administration has made it their goal to become the best high school in Michigan. Through mission statements, vision statements, and even lip-dubbing competitions, DHS is trying to foster a school proficient in many different areas. In a quest to look for improvements around the school, the program RSVP was brought to DHS this year.

RSVP, or Representing Student Voice Participation, is a program that is designed to give students the opportunity to give feedback on potential problems in our school. The program is led by facilitators in Student Leadership, as well as committees from Camp Outlook, Student Union, and a general selection of students.

Wyn Sponseller, a junior on the leadership selection committee, is hopeful for the future of the program and its impact on students.

“I think it will empower because they feel like they actually have a say in what’s going on and what can be changed,” Sponseller said.

The program is broken up into three summits lasting roughly six weeks long. Partners will first speak at different classrooms looking for change in different areas of the school. Next, leaders will share the goals, and prepare for implementation.

Not much is known about the specific process yet, but more information will be provided as the process continues. Keep updated by listening to the announcement for meeting information (, or check the school twitter and other social media sites.

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