Gaining fame on the internet

Everyone knows the state farm commercial that features Jake from state farm, the agent who’s notorious for wearing khakis. But who is Alex from Target? Early last week a photo of a random Target Employee went viral on twitter leading to 16 year old Alex Labeouf gaining thousands of twitter followers and an appearance on The Ellen Show. He allegedly has offers to act in Hollywood all because of good looks and good luck. Before the picture of him was tweeted, his personal twitter page had 144 followers, now it has 732 thousand.

“It’s just kind of weird, like it could have been any person that works at any store. It could have been one of the guys at our school even,” senior Becca Biltz said, “How weird would that be if you left on a Friday and on Monday the kid who sits next to you in math is famous for absolutely nothing.”

When asked about other talents by Ellen, Alex responded by saying that his grocery bagging skills seemed to be pretty good. With the internet, good looks alone are winning people fame.

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