Slicing into biology

In the AP/IB Advanced Biology classroom something is lurking from the shadows: Rats. The biology class is beginning a unit that will involve dissecting and examining rats. This week is the first week the students have hands on action with the rats, but they will be working with them for a few weeks. Which is starting to freak some students out.

“When Mrs. Daniels showed us the rats she moved the rats arm and it made a snapping sound,” senior MacKenna Hartman said. “It was really gross, because she probably broke one of its bones or something.”

After dissection the class will be examining two rats, a male and a female. The goal is to be able to examine how the interact with each other and actually breed them. If the rats successfully breed then students in the class are allowed to adopt the babies.

“I can’t imagine wanting to adopt a rat,” senior Amy Sklenar said. “But Mrs. Daniels said that we will get really attached to the rats and will be sad to see them go.”

This is a huge lab for these students but they suggested that it will at least be interested.

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