SADD SAVE fights back against bullying

SADD/SAVE celebrated Anti Bullying Awareness Week last week. Their goal with Anti Bullying Awareness Week was to make DHS a safer and more positive place free of bullying.

“We tried to have something different every day of the week,” junior Maham Khan said. “Such as, on Monday we would give candy out to who ever signed their name on a purple or orange paper hand (anti-bulling colors) which we will eventually make into a large tree showcasing all of the students who are against bullying in Dow High School. And on Friday we tried to give out candy to whoever was wearing the anti-bullying colors of purple and orange.”

During both lunches on Thursday Nov. 5, SADD/SAVE members handed out compliments on sticky notes to students in the hallway. The compliments were about anything from physical features to personality traits.

“The goal was to make people feel good about themselves,” junior Beth Hoffman said. “It is important because some people may be being bullied and by giving them compliments we hope that they feel better about themselves and have more confidence in who they are.”

The goal of SADD/SAVE is to get DHS to band together against bullying and destructive decisions. SADD/SAVE continues to work to make DHS a better place.

by Maddie Davis


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Maddie Davis

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