Youth in Government: Struggle to Participate

In years past, DHS has had a club called Youth in Government, or YIG. The club takes part in a mock legislature conference in which students in YIG across Michigan can attend. During the conference, there are different events such as parliamentary debates that students have the opportunity to partake in.

“It gives kids a lot of public speaking experience,” senior and YIG alumnus, Andrew Morley said. “It also provides us with real life debate skills as well as a better understanding for the government.”

Many students who have participated in this program in the past feel the same way. YIG is an educational and beneficial club; however, it may be unlikely that the club can continue to function through this year.

“After some events which occurred last year, our advisers concluded that if people from our district wanted to go in the future, they would have to go as orphans,” senior YIG participant Logan Cook said.

Due to the strong feelings the members have towards the club, they have decided to try and create a way in which they, as well as newly interested members, will be able to attend this year’s conference.

“We want to participate in YIG anyways,” Morley said. “We won’t be able to attend with our delegation but we’re working to find a way to go because it’s something that we feel is a fun way to learn about government and an all-around good experience.”

There are many factors contributing to whether or not the members of YIG will be able to attend this year’s conference. Whether or not they do have the chance to attend this year, they are hopeful that the program will be able to run in future years for the benefit of incoming students.

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