German Club receives cultural presentations from German exchange students

The German Club meets both on and off campus to enjoy cultural activities, and is now participating in a cultural exchange with the German foreign exchange students.

“When they meet off campus they get together at cafes and just drink coffee and enjoy each other’s company,” German teacher and club adviser, Brian Smith said. “Usually when we get together here at school there is a planned program for that. We’ll watch a movie or TV show or we’ll play some German board games. If there are exchange students, we usually have one or two meetings where exchange students present to us and we get to learn about their lives.”

The next time the club meets at school, they plan to have presentations from the exchange students currently staying in Midland. The students will talk about their lives and their school, as well as what they think of being in the United States. Some students have already begun to interact with the new students.

“The exchange students are really nice,”  freshman German Club member Rebecca Haines said. “It’s cool to hear them speak German so fluently.”

For more information on when the German Club will be meeting, go to the DHS Daily Announcements:

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