NBA 2K15, the newest generation

The newest 2k sports game NBA 2K15, produced by Visual Effects, came out Oct. 7 and is the franchise’s 16th installment of their basketball video game series. The first five games were published by Sega and the next 11 were published by 2K, all of them produced by Visual Effects.

The newest generation of the game is the first that was mainly developed for the nextgen consoles, the Xbox1 and PS4, and consequently have some changes. New graphics and more fluid player motion are the obvious improvements but not the only ones. There is a new shot meter under every player in the attempt to make finding the perfect release easier. Some gamers argue that it’s distracting, while others think that it improves the game making it simpler.

“The shot meter makes it more realistic,” senior Andrew Rettig said. “The players have personalities and you can play street ball with your myplayer online.”

One of the biggest changes is that users no longer need to be connected to the internet to update and change team rosters and draft classes. This is important because if two people want to play against each other with the most recent teams they don’t need to pay the online fee to do so.

The most sophisticated update is that consumers can scan their faces with the high resolution cameras of the Xbox1 and PS4 to create a MyPlayer. The MyPlayer mode was the most popular mode before this new technology but now it doesn’t require a half hour of toggling with facial features.

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