Young Life participants look forward to Fall Weekend

Located at Memorial Presbyterian Church in Midland, the Young Life youth group offers multiple get-togethers each week for high school students. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and occasionally Friday nights, different hangouts are held for everyone in the group.

Sophomore Kaylee Wasco has been a part of Young Life since she started high school and likes the opportunity she gets in the group to connect with people she wouldn’t necessarily see at school all the time.

“My favorite part is that it’s on a Monday night and nobody likes Mondays, so it’s something to look forward to,” Wasco said. “You just get to talk to people that you don’t usually get to see throughout the day.”

Senior Lydia Mayle found out about Young Life in middle school since her older brother was involved with the group. Mayle said that on a typical Monday, Young Life members will sing, chat with each other, and have a 10-minute Bible lesson at the end. Coming up for Young Life is Fall Weekend, which will take place Nov. 7-9.

“It’s basically like the craziness of a whole week of [summer] camp all crammed into three days,” Mayle said. “We go up Friday night and come home Sunday afternoon. We have about 40 kids from MHS and DHS going right now and we hope to get 100.”

The cost of Fall Weekend is $20 this year. Students from all over Michigan have the option of attending the event. The program aims to mix learning about religion into fun activities. To learn more about Young Life, visit their website:

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