Northwood students present Mannequin Night in downtown Midland

Once a year, Northwood students band together to create a night of scenes for downtown shop windows. On Thursday, Oct. 17 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., people of Midland can go look at Northwood students’ different creations. Fitting around the “Color Me Midland” theme, a group of students will be assigned a shop window downtown, set up a scene, then stay frozen in the windows almost like mannequins.

“They are very talented to be able to stand there when people make faces and do all these things to try and get them to be distracted,” Journeys Coffee House Manager, Kim Sergent said. “It’s kind of interesting to see how well they do, it’s amazing actually.”

During Mannequin Night, shops stay open longer than usual which allow people passing by to pop into their favorite shops, while admiring the mannequins.  People of Midland can hopefully enjoy some nice weather and stroll down a busier Main Street.  Downtown workers get a chance to see a different side of Mannequin Night, such as Heather ‘n Holly worker, Caitlyn McPhillips.

“I thought it was really unique and interesting,” McPhilips said. “I didn’t get to experience it like everybody else, but it was cool to see everyone in here.”

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By: Madeleine Futter

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