Student Leadership Prepares for Midland-Dow Week

Student Leadership is looking for a decisive increase in participants in all Midland-Dow activities. The class is divided into several committees including Yell Night, posters, assembly planning, scheduling, and miscellaneous, who help people from all committees. It’s no secret that in the past, students have felt that DHS is lacking in school spirit.

“Right now, Student Leadership is planning for the Midland-Dow assembly and Yell Night and posters,” senior Lauren Dimerc said.

Junior Jessica Anderson thought more student involvement would lead to better spirit.

“In years before, people have been not very involved, they get excited just for the game, like, just for that day, but the whole leading up to it, nobody really cares about,” Anderson said. “And so I wish we would move to people actually participating and decorating the halls, besides the few people that are artistic, and maybe get some people in who are excited. [It would] encourage people to feel better about the school.”

In addition, Student Leadership hopes to better advertise Yell Night to ensure many students are present. Lots of time and budget are being used to deliver a more enjoyable and creative experience than last year.

“We hope that even if people can only come for a little bit, they can come hang out with their friends and get spirited and excited for their school,” junior Maham Khan said.

(For more information on Yell Night, and other upcoming events check out the website below.)

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