The Land of Oz brought to The Rock fundraiser

The Rock, providing every youth with unconditional love, is a mission statement of a 13-year-old center for youth development helping children grades six to 12 of the Midland area. The DHS branch of National Art Honors Society, along with the DHS drama department, the Bullock Creek art department, and MCYAC are joining together to help The Rock as it organizes a fundraiser to raise money for this organizations on Oct. 30 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at The Great Hall. The fundraiser is a wine tasting for adults of the community, but with a twist: it has a ‘Land of Oz’ theme and will be decorated as such. DHS art department has been working for weeks to design, paint, and construct decorations for their designated quadrant.
“A few of the kids have been great at coming at coming up with very creative solutions to our design,” said art teacher Curt Gledhill. “There are also a number of other kids that are just as happy to show up and follow the plan. You need both kids to make a project like this work.”
Painting sheets, carving Styrofoam, and making roofs for huts out of cardboard have all been an essential part of building the NAHS decorations. A second twist is that this is also a competition; the department with the best design will win the top prize of $500, though everyone will be given prize money for participating.

By Megan Werner

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Megan Werner

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