Exchange Student from Sweden

As DHS begins a new school year, we welcome an exchange from Sweden, Senior Madeleine Eckert. There are a number of factors which can motivate someone to embark on a student exchange.

“A lot of my family members went on exchanges and that made me want to go on one by myself,” Eckert said. She wanted to get away from the normal routine she had become accustomed to and decided to explore a new way of life. As expected, there are many factors in the adjustment process.

“Everything is bigger here and school is much different,” Eckert said. Eckert is especially impressed with the amount of school spirit DHS possesses. According to her, school spirit is not as prevalent in her home school as it is here. Another person who is going through an adjustment is the family Eckert is living with.

“I like living with Madeleine because she teaches me a lot about the Swedish culture, Senior Ashley Elfawal said. There are many benefits to partaking in exchange programs, both from the family and student’s perspective.

To find out more about exchange programs, check out this link:

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