Confronting the Challenge

IB/AP Advanced Biology HL H has one of the longest names on the class list and as an IB and AP course, this has led to rumors about it being one of the most difficult classes at DHS.  Senior Daniel Magno said that when he signed up for the class he knew it would be one of the most challenging classes he was taking.

“I had heard about it being difficult,” Magno said. “But when [Biology teacher Coreen Daniels] said we had a project already, I was nervous.”

The goal of this project was to collect either bugs or plants and then to display them in a manner of their choosing. Daniels had some sound advice for the students. According to the  Daniels, collecting bugs was more difficult but much easier to identify them. Then she went on to explain that for plants it’s very easy to collect them, but the issue is identifying them.This is some advice that senior MacKenna Hartman wished she had paid attention to.

“The hard part about identifying my plant specimens was the fact that they all look alike,” Hartman said. “You really have to be specific on what they look like, to find out what the name is. I think I got a few wrong, I should have taken Mrs. Daniel’s advice.”

In the end everyone managed to complete the project, and be successful in their own ways.They will be displayed in Daniel’s room, Room 128, in the coming weeks.

By: Ben Vergo


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