989 CrossFit starts new rates and pricing October 1

989 CrossFit is a relatively new business in Midland, only about two years old, adding to the city’s already dense selection of gyms. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning based workout that uses weightlifting, gymnastics, and intense cardio to give members the best workout possible. A big goal of a CrossFit workout is to make the individual realize their body has more to give than what they originally thought. This workout type is very attractive for those not only to get in shape but stay in shape using a unique workout in a “class or group” setting.

“CrossFit is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” junior Kevin White said. “They customize each workout to help you reach your goals, and you leave each day feeling both satisfied and sore.”

Starting Oct. 1, 989 Crossfit will be introducing a new pricing and rate system, which will hopefully be even more attractive to customers. The new pricing plan will allow members to enjoy “the fun groups, the feeling of ‘sport’ instead of exercise, individual attention, and free time to play around.”

“The new pricing plan is reflective of new services and amenities being offered to our customers,” 989 CrossFit owner and head trainer Jim Reaume said. “This is the first price increase in two years. The old pricing system was perfect for what we offered. [Under the new pricing plan] there are more class times, and we’re nearly doubling in size.  That means more room for all of the fun things we do. We are also adding a shower.”

The new prices (increased due to an increase in offerings and expansions of the business) can be found on 989 Crossfit’s website: http://989crossfit.com/new-ratespricing/

If readers are confused as to what CrossFit actually is, Reaume also provided this video for DHS students:


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