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I’ll admit, the only reason I took Weight Training and Conditioning this year was to get out of the horror that is French 2. I didn’t really know much about the class, but figured it would pretty much be a blow off, which was fine by me. I never actually expected to enjoy it as much as I have this year.

When I first started the class, I could barely bench press the bar, which is only 45 pounds. My form for every lift was horrible, and I was far from being the strongest in the class. However this wasn’t really a problem, because as I found out, the goal of the class wasn’t to be the strongest (although that seems to be what a lot of the boys in there aim for), but rather to be the most improved. And I know what you’re thinking… back in the Rec soccer days of my childhood, “Most Improved” was an award that meant “You used to suck but now you suck a little less”. But in this class, it was different. I improved a lot and didn’t feel judged for not being the strongest or most athletic in the class; we all wanted to get better.

Surprisingly, there were people of my ability in the class. This allowed me to have a lifting partner of the same strength as me, and we’ve grown extremely close throughout the course of the school year. On the days I didn’t feel like trying, she pushed me, and vice versa.

I started feeling inspired to get even more active, and because of the bond I had with my lifting partner, I had someone to workout with even outside of class. Before I knew it I was working out everyday after school, which is not something I would have usually done. I felt more confident, and while I still hate pushups and running (sorry Mr. Shulte), both my bench and squat max went up about 50 pounds each.

While I started out small, I began to notice a difference after a few weeks. My stunting came more easily in cheer, and I felt better overall. Also, I made improvements on my tumbling skills, which did not go unnoticed by the tough-as-nails tumbling coach. He had always been one to drag on about the importance of strength and endurance, but I had never taken him seriously until I saw the results for myself.

While I originally took Weights as a way to get out of another class, I ended up really liking it. I’ve never really been a Physical Education person, but I plan on taking the class again next year. It’s truly helped me as an athlete and I would recommend it to everyone if their schedule allows it.


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