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As January draws to a close, we inch closer and closer to a Hallmark holiday that many dread: Valentine’s Day. Those with a special someone stress about what to get them, and those without one wish they had one to stress about. Stress over Valentine’s Day is something I’m beginning to feel myself, as this is only the second year that I’ve actually had a Valentine. And while I will certainly struggle over what to get my special someone, I’d like to take a moment to discuss my thoughts on the gifts that most girls will be receiving this year. I consider myself a typical girl, and although my opinions will not match those of every person in the female population, I’ve decided to give boys my advice on what I believe are the top five stereotypical gifts girls receive on Valentines Day.

  1. Chocolate. A Valentine’s Day staple for generations, purchased by teenage boys who aim to please their girlfriends with a little something sweet. This often works, because who doesn’t like chocolate? As an avid sweet tooth myself, I approve of the delicious stereotypical gift, but with one exception: quantity over quality. Sure, Godiva chocolate is great, but when one box of Godiva chocolate containing four pieces costs the same as a giant box of Hershey’s, I’m all for the cheaper option. Overall, the more chocolate the better.
  2. Flowers. If you really want to impress a girl on Valentine’s Day, get her flowers. In particular, red roses. Although they can be somewhat expensive, even just sending one through the school rose program with a cute note is completely acceptable. For me personally, flowers are only a Valentine’s Day gift. Sure, they’re pretty for a few days, but after a while they begin to die and are a waste of money. So waste your money on some flowers, but only on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Stuffed animals. A small teddy bear is sort of cute, but I’ve never been a girl to want a gigantic teddy bear. In all honesty, I’d rather just have more chocolate if you’re going to spend the money. However, enormous stuffed animals are popular among a large part of the female population, so if your girl’s into it (she will have hinted if she is, believe me), go for it.
  4. Jewelry. It seems like after a couple has been dating for a while, the girl will have received some piece of jewelry from her man. Whether it be a necklace, earrings, a bracelet or a ring, if a girl gets a piece of jewelry from her boyfriend, she will proudly flaunt it as a symbol of their relationship. However, be wary of this gift: if your girlfriend loses things easily, do not go for anything but a necklace. If you think she would lose a necklace, too, don’t bother spending your money on jewelry she will wear once and never be able to find again. If you do lean towards jewelry, make sure it’s not something too fancy, so she can wear it everyday, but also not too cheap or cheesy-looking.
  5. Lingerie. Although some boys may get uncomfortable at even the thought of venturing into an underwear store, many see this a good gift option. The only limit is, you really have to know your girlfriend. If you get the wrong size, things could get awkward. If you get something too revealing, she may become uncomfortable. This gift only works if you know exactly what your girlfriend likes in the underwear department. But, Victoria’s Secret is a huge hit with the female population of Dow, and no girl will turn down a free pair of cute undies. I personally would be okay with this gift idea, as long as they aren’t underwear with an inappropriate saying on them or a pair with minimal fabric.

While not stereotypical, the best gifts are often the ones you spend the least money on. I’m talking about gifts from the heart. Girls love it when boys put in time and effort into a gift, instead of just conveniently buying something. Make her a blanket, a scrapbook, a picture frame with a photo of the two of you inside it, or just simply write her a cute note. Another option would be to surprise her with a romantic date. Make her dinner, bake cookies with her or take her ice skating.

My best advice for Valentine’s Day is to get your special lady one stereotypical gift, and then one from the heart. This way you won’t drain your wallet, but you will still put a smile on her face. And that’s what Valentine’s Day should be about.

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