Broncos bite the dust

When it comes to the Super Bowl this year, some might say that there is a tad bit of disappointment. However if one were to venture to Seattle, Washington there probably is very little to no disappointment. In other words, this year’s Super Bowl was a complete sweep. The Denver Broncos never stood a chance against the Seattle Seahawks and even the least football savvy people could have pointed that out.

This of course brings up some controversy of whether or not this Super Bowl was even worth turning on. For the neutral fan it might be interesting to know whether or not people were pleased and what their expectations exactly were.

When it comes to the experts, the reporters within ESPN were pretty evenly matched. In fact it was almost about a 50-50 split. The controversy was that Peyton Manning (Broncos’ quarterback) would have to be at the top of his game to get past the Legion of Boom (Seattle’s defensive backfield). When the best offense in the League goes against the best defense, a great argument arises. In this case there was a high expectation of a great game.

Boy were they proven wrong.

From the very first snap of the game it was one-sided. There was miss communication between Manning and his center, causing a miss-cued snap and a safety from the get go. While the average fan might have thought “well it’s Peyton Manning, he can come back from a little error”, there was no come back of any sort.

Seattle led a defensive domination against the Broncos and sadly they never stood a chance. The Legion of Boom held the Broncos offense to a season low after the first half and from there it was a complete blowout. Manning couldn’t find his footing and the Seahawks were always one step ahead. It seemed that every play was proceeded by an uproar from Seattle Seahawks fans.

“I expected the Seahawks to win probably 35-28 on a fourth quarter drive to win the game,” junior Nate Thurston said.”I was very surprised with the Broncos in general, they showed up like they weren’t prepared for the game at all. The [Broncos] offensive line gave Peyton no time at all, special teams was awful, they just sucked all around. I was surprised because I thought it was going to be a very well matched up game.”

Thurston thought no different than the experts at ESPN. This Super Bowl was set out to be one of the best and only one team showed up.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed each others company with friends and family, and still had fun on this much anticipated “holiday”. Despite the lack of competitive nature, fans are used to seeing in this matchup, the Super Bowl is always a nice excuse to party and have fun. Hopefully an article on the Super Bowl will be written a little differently next year.

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