Super Bowl from a girl’s perspective

While there is the occasional female who does indeed understand and enjoy watching football, it seems the vast majority watch on rare occasions. Usually Super Bowl Sunday is included as one of these occasions. This poses the question, what makes the Super Bowl so special? Sure, it’s a big game, but what drives the women who don’t usually watch football to watch this one and not other big games?

First of all, there’s the halftime show.

“The thing that made me really want to watch the Super Bowl is that I knew the Chili Peppers would be performing at halftime,” sophomore Angela Mulka said.

Whether it’s a good or bad performance, people are usually left talking about the halftime show for days after the Super Bowl.

Uniforms are another significant part of football in the eyes of girls. Who doesn’t like a guy in tight pants? Part of the fun that comes with the Super Bowl is being able to compare the colors and details of both teams’ uniforms. In fact some girls, including sophomore Audrey Wright, choose which team to root for based on the uniforms they are wearing.

“I didn’t really have a preference between the two teams so I chose the Seahawks because of the green accents on their blue uniforms,” Wright said. “I didn’t like the orange color of the Broncos.”

Perhaps this method isn’t far off; the Seahawks did end up winning after all.

The Super Bowl is also commonly associated with parties and food. Girls jump at the chance to attend a social event, especially if they know food will be present. It means they get the chance to overeat and not feel guilty while being around people they like who are also over eating. Having a game to watch serves as the perfect excuse to host a party with little preparation required. The source of entertainment is already provided and the only thing left is food which the guests will surely aid in providing. Among other things, the Super Bowl allows an excuse to get together and have a nice evening with friends and people they enjoy being around.

Due to the fact the Super Bowl is watched by so many people, commercials do their best to be memorable. It’s a little odd to think about the fact that some people watch the Super Bowl solely for the commercials that accompany due to the fact that they are usually viewed as an annoyance and waste of time but, truth be told, the commercial game is majorly stepped up on Super Bowl Sunday. Not only are there funny commercials, but also heartfelt ones which catch the eyes of many, including junior Cindy Tae.

“Coca Cola had a commercial called “America the Beautiful” that spread a really good message reminding Americans that we don’t have an official language,” Tae said. “People tend to forget that not everyone here speaks English and look down on people who can’t fluently speak it.”

Girls want to be informed on what is going on. Even if they don’t necessarily enjoy watching football, they still want to know what everyone is talking about during the preceding days.

“I watched it because I figured people would be talking about it at school the next couple days and didn’t want to be totally lost during the discussion,” Wright said.

Even though some girls really do understand football, a good number only pretend to understand. For this reason they join in on the yelling at the players for fumbles made, laughing at mistakes made by the opposing team, screaming at refs and cheering for good plays made, taking cues from others in the room.

Though all girls may not be specifically interested in football, there are many things about the Super Bowl that urge them to watch it. Whether it be the halftime show, uniforms, food, parties, commercials or simply being informed on the outcome, there is something in the Super Bowl for everyone.

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