An overview of the Golden Globes

A great way to start off the year is to sit back and relax on a Sunday evening and watch the Golden Globes. The first of the major award shoes the Globes allow some insight into the forerunners in television and movies. This year’s Golden Globe awards winners were very diverse and interesting.

To no surprise the television show “Breaking Bad” took home multiple awards including Best TV Drama as well as Best Actor in TV Drama which was taken by Brian Cranston who plays Walter White in the Show. This came as no surprise as the fan base of Breaking Bad has grown tremendously. Many students here at DHS also support the show.

“I wasn’t surprised that “Breaking Bad” took home a couple Golden Globes this year, the show is top notch,” senior Michael Nigro said.

Nigro, a big fan of the show, enjoys watching the show on Netflix and following the more recent episodes on AMC. Now not all the excitement was for “Breaking Bad”. The cute children-friendly movie “Frozen” took home Best Animated Feature, which showed while the movie was family friendly it was also appealing to adults.

Continuing on the lighter side the movie “American Hustle” won the genre of Best Comedy/Musical. It was no surprise that “American Hustle” won the globe with a cast including Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper. Receiving a metascore of 90, it was evident that critics really enjoyed this movie.

“High-energy comedy comes naturally to the filmmaker,” the Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern said when reviewing the movie.

Overall, this year was not a disappointment for great movies and it increases more and more anticipation for the coming award shows.

Of course when it comes to award shows there is much more than just the reviewing of movies. The world of fashion is always a buzz the days following any award show. Stars of shows and movies can make or break their career by how they look. With fingernail cameras and a 360 degree photo station nothing is taken lightly at the Globes. There are always those who look phenomenal and have no problems with their wardrobe, take Naomi Watts for example, sporting a Tom Ford column. Watts looked incredible and was definitely a highlight of the night.

Some of the more daring and odd outfits may have been pulled off or crashed and burned before the ceremony had started. Jennifer Lawrence, a usual crowd pleaser, was sporting a ring of pouf by Dior. It was noted to be quite odd with some going as far as to reference a coffee filter. While Lawrence survived for another day, the dress worn by Julia Roberts was not so lucky. A combination of a black strapless dress and white shirt designed by Dolce and Gabbana was one to forget. Online reviewers noted that she looked like a waitress and reminded them of other past catastrophes like the 1998 Sharon Stone Oscar moment.

In the end, it was a great night filled with fashion, drama, and quality entertainment. While it may not have been a golden globe to remember it was definitely not one to forget. A perfect option to end the weekend and a relaxing Sunday.

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