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Work involves mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. There use to be a time where all people no matter what age worked. Now there seems to be an increased laziness about work in the teenage group, in and outside their homes. Whether they were employed or did a few jobs here and there, the point is that they worked. But the term work is becoming extinct in the high school age group. With the exception of a few, work is becoming less popular. Work used to be a necessity for high school students, but nowadays they have everything paid for them by their parents.

Junior Chad Wasco was raised on the concept of work being a necessity. Although he isn’t technically employed at a business, Wasco does most outdoor chores around his house. He also does a few odds and ends for his neighbors or family friends for money, like cutting their lawn.

Lately, Wasco has been splitting logs for a family friend and even helped out at a warehouse. Wasco has been in control of his family’s lawn for years now, as is a normal thing for the eldest son to do, but many still don’t even help around the house.

Junior Matthew Painter finds that work is a dying thing for our generation. Wasco and Painter are one of few students that were taught at an early age that work was important. Painter personally has seen very few of his friends even do the amount of work that he typically does. Wasco also doesn’t discriminate where people work, just as long as they put the effort to work and make money. Wasco finds that he likes to work because his parents bought him a semi-new truck that he didn’t have to spend a dime for.

“You would be surprised how many people don’t know how to do something as simple as changing their own oil, it really save a lot of money,” Wasco said.

Wasco hopes to find a job soon so he can earn a steady income and can pay for his own gas. Work is hard to come by during these times, but Wasco believes that he shouldn’t discourage young people to still try to get a job, even though they might not get the job.

“Work helps round a person out, no matter how much they already do, whether they play sports or not, they should work either at home or at a real business,” Wasco said.

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