Noises Off is off the charts

The DHS Drama Department’s fall play “Noises Off” proved to be a hilarious and an exciting event to see. Along with the great design of the plot, the exceptional acting done by cast members made the whole play enjoyable to watch.

Being a play within a play, “Noises Off” showed the audience a cast and crew preparing for their opening night of a play called “Nothing On.” As they got together for the opening of “Nothing On,” just about everything goes wrong on and off stage. Of course, this was all part of the act. Chaos was accepted, allowed and even encouraged in the script. The more disarray, the better.

Cast members had two roles to play. Their character, and their character’s character for “Nothing On.” It took the audience a minute to understand what was happening when the word cut was heard from someone sitting in the auditorium. But as sophomore Chase Keilitz stood up and began to demand actions of his crew, the audience then recognized him as Lloyd, the director of “Nothing On.”

As the play went on, the comedy became continuous. Laughs were heard throughout the entire auditorium as the conflicts on stage unraveled.
“Noises Off” apparently was just as fun to put on as it was to watch.
“Before every performance, we always have traditions that we do before we even go on stage,” senior Pierce Cesaretti said. “We sing to each other, [we sing] “Lean on Me” and we just support each other. We have a ball of fun. We [were] all so excited to give a great and awesome show to everyone.”
Through all the laughter and fun, there was also a lot of dedication and effort.
“In preparation for the play, it took a lot of hard work [and] countless hours to make it exactly the way it should be,” Cesaretti said. “Everyone was just so involved. It was a great crew to work with.”
Everyone leaving the auditorium was commenting on the extraordinary acting as well as stage set-up. The cast had everyone erupting in laughter and wondering what’s next. “Noises Off” was successful for the audience as well as the crew.
“I got to meet a lot of new people it was a great experience,” Cesaretti said.

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