Pommers perform at Swan Valley social


Sophomore Maddie Kent prepares to catch an egg during an egg toss competition at Swan Valley High School during a Pom Social event for Saginaw area pom teams on September 8. Photo by: Colleen Rabine

On Sept. 8 the Swan Valley Varsity Pom team held a social event for a selection of pom teams in the area. The event was held at Swan Valley High School in Saginaw. The following teams attended: DHS Varsity, DHS JV, Freeland Varsity, Swan Valley Varsity, Swan Valley Middle School, John Glenn Varsity and Saginaw Valley State University team. The day was meant to promote sportsmanship and help the teams find friendships within their adversaries. The teams met at 1:00 p.m. and did not leave until 5:00 p.m.. Throughout the day, games were played combining different members of different teams. Such activities included a three-legged race, a slip-n-slide, an egg toss and a scavenger hunt. Music was played throughout the day and food was provided such as popcorn and cotton candy for the participants to snack on. Every person who attended was asked to sign a Swan Valley Pom poster for their team to bring to competitions. At the end, people won prizes based on a number they received from the beginning of the day. Many of those who attended the camp considered it a success because of the friendships that were made between different team’s members. The coaches that attended this event now hope for a better sportsmanship mentality at competitions between the various teams that attended.

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