Juniors jumping into their senior year

Juniors at DHS are only two days away from being done with their junior year and officially being called seniors. With the date coming ever close many juniors are looking forward to their senior year because it is going to bring them many new opportunities.

One of the first things juniors will get to do as seniors is getting senior pictures taken. Many juniors are excited to get their senior pictures taken because they are something that they will have for the rest of their lives. On top of that they are anxious to get their senior pictures because the pictures really capture the personality of the student through many poses, different styles of clothing , and different locations for each picture. The last reason why juniors are excited to get their photos done is because at DHS each senior is allowed to pick one of their photos to be used as their picture in the yearbook.

“I’m excited to get my senior pictures this summer,” junior Ian Peterson said. “I have seen other people’s pictures and some of them look pretty cool.”

Some juniors are looking forward to their senior year schedule for a variety of reasons, one of them being that some juniors have fulfilled most of their graduation requirements so they have the luxury of taking classes they want to. They also have to option to schedule easier classes as well because they have fulfilled most of the graduation requirements.

“I’m looking forward to not having as much homework because my schedule is much easier than this year,” junior Blair Subbaraman said. “Also I’m looking forward to sleep more at night because I won’t be up doing homework.”

Another aspect of their senior year that juniors are looking forward to is the process of applying to college. Most seniors begin to apply to colleges as early as August and as late as December. They find it exciting because they are planning the next step of their life and because they no longer have to think about where they will be going to school because most students get admitted into colleges in the late winter to early spring. They also like applying to colleges because some juniors at DHS can’t wait to get out of Midland and go to a place that they consider to be more entertaining. One junior that is especially exciting to start applying to colleges is Mark Debney.

“It’s going to be fun thinking about and planning for college,” Debney said. “The idea that I know where I am going to college is nice so school will be much less stressful”.

Another part of senior year a lot of juniors are pumped up for is the participation in DHS athletics. Whether they are playing the sport or not, many juniors are excited to participate in many famous senior sports traditions. For example at the home football games, seniors typically get to the game early before everyone else to so they can get a spot on the senior wall in the student section. Some seniors also bring blown up images of their favorite players face. For the juniors that will be playing a sport their senior year many of them are excited for the opportunities that being a senior on a varsity sport brings.

“I can’t wait to be a senior on the golf team next year,” junior Austin Deiters said. “Next year I will be one of the guys on the golf team and it will be exciting to try to lead the team to states”.

The last part of senior year that juniors are psyched for is commencement. Commencement is when all seniors who have successful graduated will get to receive their high school diploma in front of the entire 2014 graduating class, DHS teachers, and their loved ones. They are excited for this moment because it is the last step in their high school journey and they are celebrating an accomplishment that took them 12 years of hard work.

“I can’t wait for commencement next year,” Subbaraman said. “I went to my sister’s a few years back and it was really good and it just made my look forward to mine even more,”.

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