The perks of being on the Update staff

Next year, I am sad to admit that I will no longer be part of the Update staff. It has been an amazing experience. This class has brought me so many new things and experiences especially relatable to production and all the things that are incorporated within that week. The skills and traits I learned in this class will not be wasted. Because I am co-op in the morning I am unable to take this class again. I will be co-oping at Dow Chemical. They said I will be doing paper work and things of that nature. It seems to me that the jobs I will be performing most likely will relate this class and to the computer.

If it weren’t for this class I wouldn’t know half the things I do know, now. I intend on using all of the following programs we have learned about, if not at Dow Chemical I will in college for projects or even for fun. When you get so used to doing something for a while it doesn’t seem like work. The Update does not feel like work at all. It’s fun and important to learn before college. Considering that mostly all college classes require some type of involvement with technology and specifically the computer.

Journalism will help you stand out. All the different programs you have learned how to use can help you with other projects. Other students wouldn’t know how to use these programs. You are ahead, which is hard to accomplish these days. Also in the beginning of journalism I did not have many friends in the class and by the end of this year I met so many talented and accomplished people. Soon I made memories with these classmates that will last me a life time. They will never fade.  Everyone in this class is so understand and will always help you do something if you don’t know how. But they do not just do it for you they help you learn how to do it, so that you will be able to do it on your own again. The Update is not like any other class.

In this class you become a family. In fact, I even think that this class has brought me to become a more confident person. I say this, because when you are a journalist you must go out and get your own interviews. Journalist put different quotes to together to be imbedded within their own words. You can’t make them up and you may not have someone else do it for you or else you wouldn’t know how it is relevant to the story.  I have found that everyone can be a journalist it just takes practice like everything else. At first it is scary, but through time you get the hang of it and soon you can talk to anyone, no problem even if you don’t even know them. All in all, I really enjoyed this class and recommend everyone to take it. It helps you grow as a person, and if I had the choice I wouldn’t even thinking about not taking it. I definitely would.

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Jessica McNeal

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