The lost art of being a gentleman

In the society we live in today, even at DHS some young men have trouble acting like gentleman. However, it is not hard and the littlest things can turn a guy from childish to gentlemanly.

1. No matter where a man is they should always hold a door open for a girl. It doesn’t matter if they know her or not. By holding the door open for her it shows that they are polite by not wanting to go first. Not to mention most woman just expect a man would hold the door open for them because it has been a custom in the United States for a while. Junior Matt Lee who has a girlfriend agrees that a true gentleman holds the door open for a girl.

“I feel that it is required thing to do,” Lee said. “I gotta be a gentleman and my girlfriend deserves the best respect.”

2. When a guy is talking to or hanging out with a girl they should not make any sexual comments towards her that would offend her. For example young men should not tell another girl how “hot” they think the girl’s best friend is. They also should avoid telling them that they find this certain actress or model attractive. The bottom line is, girls are insulted by these types of comments, they don’t want to hear that you find other girls attractive and by saying these types of comments you make them feel uncomfortable. Junior Ian Peterson also finds it ungentlemanly to use crude language around females.

“It’s disrespectful to make sexual comments about women,” Peterson said. “You should not swear around them either.”

Something that guys can do however, that is still gentlemanly, is tell a girl that she looks very nice today but they refrain from using the term “hot”. Instead they use a word such as cute, nice and attractive.

3. Another part of being a gentleman is dressing appropriately. Most gentleman dress with a certain bit of class and sophistication. This doesn’t mean gentleman have to wear a full on suit but a nice watch, a well groomed face, a pair of khakis or cargo shorts and a nice sweater go a long way. Another part of the gentleman ensemble is the shoes. Typical gentlemen don’t wear tennis shoes with khakis but instead they have a nice pair of loafers or dress shoes. Junior Michael Carey also believes that a part of what makes a gentleman is dressing up.

“I feel it is a sign of respect to girls and shows them that they are important to them,” Carey said.

4. The last thing a true gentleman does is they follow general eating guidelines when they go out to dinner with a group of friends or with just a girl. One thing a gentleman does when he’s at a restaurant with a group of people is he waits for everyone to get their food before he starts eating himself. Also if a gentleman is out to dinner with his lady friend he doesn’t start shoveling all his food in his mouth in five seconds. He also doesn’t talk with his mouth open or have his elbows on the table. Junior Mark Debney who frequently goes out to eat with friends stresses table manner as well.

“I think they are important because nobody wants to eat with a guy who has no manners, ” Debney said.

Overall being a gentleman is not that hard at all and if guys follow these helpful tips they will not be seen as slob or a child but as a gentleman.

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