Sadie Hawkins dance reactions

On Saturday, Feb. 9, DHS held their first winter dance. With this new event in the winter, the dance also offered two new ideas as well: the dress was semi-formal and the dance would resemble a Sadie Hawkins dance. A Sadie Hawkins dance requires the roles of a couple to be reversed so that the girls would ask the boys to be their dates, instead of the common precedent of boys asking the girls.

Senior Sydney Roeder attended the Sadie Hawkins dance after asking her date in a fun way.

“I asked my date with bacon roses,” Roeder said.

Senior Amanda Bone also asked her date in a unique way.

“I gave him an application,” Bone said.

These two girls and their dates were a part of the few students who came to the Sadie Hawkins dance on Saturday.

“There were probably only 30 people, 30-40 tops,” Roeder said.

Bone and Roeder thought that the dance’s theme added to the reason why there weren’t many party-goers.

“Definitely don’t make it a Sadie Hawkins dance [next year],” Bone said. “Because girls are stupid and they don’t ask anyone and so that’s why I think a lot of people didn’t come, because girls are wimps.”

The dance was held not only for students to have a fun event to attend and look forward to in the winter but also to be a fundraiser for Camp Outlook, which is a camp held in November for select DHS students. To put on the dance, current Camp Outlook funds had to be invested. Roeder had another idea to improve the dance for next year with funds in mind.

“I think it’s just hard because they lost so much money on it and next year, instead of having a DJ and paying $750 to do it, just get somebody with speakers,” Roeder said. “A lot of people at our school have decent speakers and you can just play an iPod that’s regulated by the teachers.”

Overall, Bone and Roeder have hope for the future winter dances at DHS if they continue to be held.

“Well I mean it’s the first year that they did it,” Roeder said. “So it’s hard to base it off of the first year because it’s a new concept.”

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