Postponing Valentine’s Day

“So when are you going to be home?”

This is the question that is all too familiar for anyone in a long distance relationship with a college student. Everything becomes so much more complicated than it was when both students were in the same school. The little fights seem to get blown out of proportion and texting or talking on the phone isn’t the easiest way to fix the problems. Skype dates just aren’t the same as seeing the significant other in person. The high school student is now forced to wait and see if their significant other is even available on the days that they want to see them.

Valentine’s Day is the arguably the most complicated holiday to plan with a college boyfriend or girlfriend. Colleges give students a long weekend for Thanksgiving and then even give them a full month off for Christmas and New Year’s. Is there any time off for Valentine’s Day though?  No, and understandably so.

On what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, high school students in long distance relationships with someone in college have to wait and see if their significant other will be able to manipulate their schedule so that they are able to come back to celebrate. Sometimes the worst part about being that high school student is the waiting; waiting to see if it’s even going to be possible to see your significant other on the day that means so much.

Little gestures were taken for granted in the past such as holding hands in the hallway or receiving carnations or roses during third hour on Feb. 14. These little things and the fact that this was a day for you to show off how much your significant other cared about you will be greatly missed.

However, there are definite advantages in not celebrating Valentine’s Day later rather than sooner. For one, you now have the chance to take advantage of the sales on cards, candy and other Valentine’s Day themed presents after the actual holiday has past. There is also more time to prepare a present. This is nice because school and all the other outside activities that keep people busy during the week can make it hard to find the time to get a present.

A majority of couples go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day which means that every restaurant is packed and they will have to wait to eat but if couple decides to celebrate later then there will be less of a crowd which can make the night a little less hectic and a little more relaxing.  Lastly, it can feel like everyone is celebrating on Feb. 14 but Feb. 16 or 17 is reserved for those few couples that are celebrating late.

By: Kayla Andreski and Sara Schluckebier

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