Aceing the ACT

The ACT is a standardized test high schoolers take before applying to college.  The ACT has a big impact on the future of the student as the score is taken into account by colleges as they select the few students who will be given the opportunity to attend their school.  DHS juniors are required to take the test in March, and one question prevails for students: How do I prepare for this important test?  Some students turn to measures like ACT prep classes at Sylvan Learning Center located in Midland.

“I am currently taken an ACT prep class at Sylvan because it will give me the best opportunity to do well on my ACT,” junior Cole Lacey said. “I feel like the class will definitely get me a good score on my ACT which is very important.”

Some students think the style of the ACT causes problems, and the class can help make the test seem easier and more normal.

“The class at Sylvan is going to help me become more used to the style of the ACT,” junior Molly Hancock said. “I think that’s a hard part about the ACT, it’s different from other tests.”

Another person who is taking an ACT class is junior Felipe Haddad who agrees that the ACT prep class at Sylvan will give him the best chance of getting a good score.

“The Sylvan prep I am taking is pretty good, and although it costs a decent amount of money, I have already learned a lot, and I’m sure my ACT score will be pretty good because of it,” Haddad said.

Besides a preparatory class, students can take the option of studying books written on the ACT in private, or choose not to study at all.  The cost of the ACT class at Sylvan is what turns away some.

“I am just studying ACT books from the library, that will help me succeed,” junior Brandon Woo said. “I don’t think the cost of any ACT prep class is actually worth it, and you can just learn about the ACT concepts on your own.”

The ACT has a big impact on student’s futures which is why some people prepare for it.

“All the colleges in the area look at ACT scores when deciding who gets in and who doesn’t, that’s why I care a lot about it,” Lacey said.

Woo agrees in the importance of this standardized test.

“I think I’ll be fine as far as my ACT score goes, studying by myself will be good enough to get a good ACT score,” Woo said.

Others agree with the ACT’s influence on high school students’ futures.

“I definitely think the ACT has a big impact on what colleges look at for acceptance, so it is important to every high school student,” Haddad said.

Overall the ACT is of big importance to many students at DHS and students have many options as far as preparing for the test goes.

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