“Mean Girls” musical

Sarah York

During the SAG awards red carpet, Tina Fey stated that she was planning on making the hit movie “Mean Girls” into a musical. “Mean Girls” is loosely based off of the book “Queen Bees and Wannabes.” The movie is a comedy that stars Lindsay Lohan and is about friendship and betrayal after a girl named Cady moves to an American school after living in Africa.

There’s not much information released on it yet, but Tina Fey announced that she is trying to develop it with her husband, Jeff Richmond. Jeff Richmond also wrote the music for “30 Rock”. The two have been discussing with Paramount to try and make it happen. Tina Fey also started thinking about who should star in her musical and said that she would like to have Mariah Carey to play the mother of Regina George.

If this musical is accomplished, then it will either be a huge success or a major failure. It sounds like a good idea, but it would be difficult to live up to the high expectations of the original movie. There would have to be just as much humor that there was in the movie, if not more.  Just because it was a hit the first time doesn’t mean it will be during the remake. “Mean Girls” is a classic movie that should be brought to justice, and hopefully with Tina Fey it will happen, considering how she was in the actual movie. Even though it is still on her to do list, I think it would end up being a great accomplishment if she were to pull it off.

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Sarah York

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